Babel Bashing (Come Holy Spirit, Pt. 2)

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Pentecost: Epistle, Acts 2:1-21                                            

Acts 2:1-21

Do you remember the Tower of Babel account? Genesis 11 comes to us a long way prior to the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2. But they are intimately related. In Genesis, the innate pride of mankind finds itself shown on the plains of modern-day Iraq. The tribes of man are joined to build a structure which can be utilized to reach heaven and the gods. Or so they surmised. But God “operates” toward mankind by grace. Yes, just as much in the Old Testament as in the New. And that means no one climbs their way (works their way) acceptably into the presence of the Living God. HE OPENS THE DOOR. So God, in a real work of grace, confounds their language. He actually does want to correct them. He is preventing them from going too far in their sin. Now the trek of sin has been “slowed” because they cannot even plan their plans.

Fast forward. Way forward. And the methods of grace once again make themselves most evident. God comes down during a feast marked by the early gathering of grains (binding a loaf), and reverses the curse of garbled speaking to grant languages that all may hear and understand. Notice, God upholds the distinction between nations. He just makes sure that all may understand His mighty works by hearing their distinct languages on the streets of the City of the Great King. The loaf has been bound. The Holy Spirit descends and the one loaf of the church is thrust into a world of people who cannot find peace even though they do understand one another. It takes “heavenly speech,” understandable speech to bring the Savior to mankind. 

Babel was an obstacle, albeit very much in the plan of God. Pentecost, the solution to that obstacle. Languages had been learned and taught worldwide by then. But the blessed Holy Spirit provided what had been sacrificed so many centuries before. And all by God’s grace.

Come, Holy Spirit!


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