Come, Holy Spirit Pt. 1

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Pentecost: Old Testament, Numbers 11:24-30                    

Numbers 11:24-30

The undergirding of the Word of God is His Spirit. We refer to the third person of the Trinity as “Holy” and our Old Testament reading this week highlights the primary meaning of holy in the Scriptures. Holy means set apart. Set apart for God and His purposes. Something or someone is said to be holy because God has moved to separate them from the normal course. Christians are not holy in this life because we are morally spotless. We are holy in this life (truly) because we have been separated by God, for God.

Here we have Moses gathering the elders of Israel around the tabernacle. The Spirit who is upon Moses is distributed to Moses’ helpers. It is a grand picture of the need of all Kingdom service to be saturated with the Spirit of the Lord. Moses knew it was necessary. But some in the camp believed that Moses had a special claim to the Spirit. Not so. God makes clear that it is His heart’s desire that all God’s people would prophesy by His Spirit. We should all be marked by mouths used to speak God’s words about God. And even back to God (prayer).

 Come, Holy Spirit!


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