Flow (Come, Holy Spirit, Pt. 3)

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Pentecost: Gospel, John 7:37-39                                              

John 7:37-39

This snippet in the “John Walk” of Jesus has always captured my attention. I’ve had the opportunity to teach on this passage, write on it, and continually chew on it. But I’ve never been satisfied with what I have come away with. That’s probably a good thing. And because Jesus is describing the coming of the Holy Spirit to live within His disciples, there is a mystery here that will probably never be penetrated.

Perhaps the most important element of the words of Jesus here is His open invitation. I mean, who hasn’t known what it is to be thirsty? Jesus lays it out there with a simple, “If anyone thirsts …”. Who hasn’t known what it is to be thirsty? Yes, I asked twice. Because it seems to me that upon words like this from the lips of Jesus everyone would want to run to the Savior. We all know that isn’t the case. And since the water He gives wells up in us to eternal life, it means that those who refuse love death. Stark. Cold. Ugly. Death.

Everyone could have the life of God flowing within them. And out of them. I’m praying first today that I will be open to that life-giving water. And then those I love will feel their thirst. Nothing else satisfies. I can only hope they come to realize that truth.

Come, Holy Spirit!


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